Agência Porto Consultoria has professionals with experience in working and conduction of public and port policies. Active in a diversity of port activities, since 2007, our mission is to serve the client´s demands, presenting solutions to the enterprise strategies definition and operation, watching for particularities, needs and adding value to the enterprise-client. Agência Porto Consultoria is straight connected to solution presentation within port business, which results in greater agility and credibility to the work done.

AGÊNCIA PORTO CONSULTORIA: a 10 years’ history


In 2017 we celebrate 10 years of Agência Porto Consultoria existence. From the initial idea of three friends discussed between a coffee and another, there were 10 years of much struggle, learning, and accumulation of experiences.


The company was born in December 2007 under another name, Pierdomenico Port Consulting, carrying for almost two years the name of one of its founders, the dream of a company specialized in the port sector and the ambition to put at the service of private enterprise a little of professional experience in the public sector.


Ten years later, eight of them with the current name, Agência Porto Consultoria has six partners, several consultants, partner companies and the recognition of the quality of its services by the Brazilian port sector.


Its portfolio is formed by successful experiences in the renewal of lease contracts, preparation of studies for port bids, market studies, environment and new business, among several other products developed over those years.


The combined expertise of the partners and consultants that are part of the Agência Porto team, together with the real commitment to contribute to the modernization and competitiveness of the national port sector is the guarantee of the quality of the consulting services provided.


This team that has or had the contribution of Fabrizio, João, Freire, Ivam, Camila, Juliana, Izabel, Larissa, Sérgio, Pinho, Felipe, Daniele, Camila Mascarenhas, Fabiana, Maíra, Celso and partner companies, it has as its patrimony its clients, who have always believed in their ability. It is for this reason that Agência Porto is prepared for the next challenges.


We take this opportunity to thank all those who make or have already been part of this team and, together, our sincere thanks to all who have trusted our services:


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