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Since the mid-1990s, the Brazilian port system has observed the continuous need to improve its legal and institutional framework in order to meet the dynamics of a globalized market.

As a result, over the last 30 years, the port sector has seen major transformations, which requires from the economic agents involved a keen eye and constant vigilance to tax, legal, and market changes.

But how is it possible for these agents to manage such a dynamic process?

Certainly, by making the most assertive decisions, based on technical diagnoses and in tune with the needs of your company and the market.

It was in order to meet this latent demand that, in 2007, the Agência Porto Consultoria was founded.

With the mission of presenting clients with strategic solutions for the best business decisions, Agência Porto Consultoria has a specialized team, with training, knowledge, and experience in the port area, in addition to a wide network of collaborators and contacts in the sector, which guarantees a greater agility and credibility in the execution of its services.

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We always seek to understand in depth the businesses and needs of our customers

Strategic solutions within the port business
Quality in its services by the Brazilian port sector
Company specialized in the port sector
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15 years of struggle, learning and experience

It all started from the initial idea of three friends, between a coffee and another, who wanted to discuss and offer solutions for the always thriving port sector in the country.

Initially baptized as Pierdomenico Port Consulting (surname of one of the founders, Fabrizio Pierdomenico), it turned into reality the dream of presenting to the market a company specialized in the port sector and the ambition to put at the service of the private sector some of the professional experience lived in the public sector.

Since then, it has been 15 years of much struggle, learning and accumulation of experiences.

Today, under the name Agência Porto Consultoria, it has six partners, several consultants, partner companies and the recognition of the quality of its services by the Brazilian port sector.

A portfolio of success and achievements

The portfolio of Agência Porto Consultoria is formed by successful experiences in the renewal and rebalancing of lease contracts, preparation of studies aimed at port tenders, market studies, environment, and new businesses, among several other products developed over these years.

We are affiliated to theBrazilian Foreign Trade Association – AEB

The sum of the expertise of the partners and consultants who are part of the team, combined with the real commitment to contribute to the modernization and competitiveness of the national port sector, is the guarantee of the quality of the consulting services provided.

This team, which has or had the contribution of Fabrizio, João, Freire, Ivam, Camila, Juliana, Izabel, Larissa, Sérgio, Pinho, Felipe, Daniele, Thaiane, Camila Mascarenhas, Fabiana, Maíra and Celso, among others and partner companies, has its customers as its greatest asset, who have always believed in its ability.

It is for this reason that the Porto Agency is always prepared for the next challenges.

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