Set of studies developed to assess the direct and indirect benefits arising from investments in the implementation of new transport infrastructures or improvements to existing ones. The evaluation determines the feasibility indices by verifying if the estimated benefits justify the costs with the projects and execution of the foreseen works.

The Agência Porto Consultoria prepares a Technical, Economic, Environmental and Operational Feasibility Study - EVTEA, according to the model required by ANTAQ, including products such as:

  • project justification
  • conceptual technical project
  • investment estimate
  • projection of cargo flows based on a study of demand and area of influence
  • expense projections
  • revenue projections
  • environmental analysis
  • economic analysis
  • projection of lease conditions.

We are specialized in the elaboration of EVTEAs for Leases, Private Terminals and also for the restoration of the economic-financial balance and/or early extension of lease agreements.

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